master wall | Highly Elastic Finish

Superior Elasomeric Plus Finishes can prevent cracks from occurring in the finishing materials group.

It is a highly elastic finishing material with excellent durability and stain resistance. MasterWall



| Specifications

Fine Sand 1.0  

(Capacity: 30.3kg, Required: 15㎡~16㎡ / Based on plastering)

Medium Sand 1.5 

(Capacity: 32kg, Required amount: 12㎡~14㎡ / based on plastering)

※ The product requirements stated above may vary depending on the site and construction conditions.

| Usage 

Wooden houses, apartment houses, hotels & resorts, sales facilities and outlets, medical facilities & government offices, factories & logistics centers, etc.

 | Main Features

Superior Elastomeric Finish is a product that can prevent cracks that occur in the finishing materials group.
It is a product that can be applied in the field. Master Wall®'s Superrior Elastomeric Plus finishes use 100% Pure Acrylic Polymer (acrylic polymer) to ensure breathability while maintaining excellent elasticity.



1) Securing excellent stain resistance

2) 64 basic colors (all colors can be mixed)

3) Using DuroTone pigment to ensure discoloration and long-term weather resistance

| Precautions 

1. The base surface to be installed must be a wall, and it must not be installed on a

base surface such as a horizontal surface other than a wall.
2. During construction and drying, the ambient temperature and wall temperature

should be 5 ~ 35˚C, and the humidity in the air should be 80% or less.
3. Check the weather conditions before and after work so that the product is not exposed to rain, etc.
4. If it is judged that there is an abnormality during the work, the work shall be stopped and the cause shall be corrected before construction.
5. The construction company must be a company that has received sufficient training from Baroco Korea Co., Ltd. and must fully understand the precautions.
6. Do not add any substances other than designated tap water.
7. Before work, check if the production date (LOT) is the same, and if there is no difference, compare the color of the product and work if there is no problem.
8. After finishing the finishing work, the work surface must be protected from damage due to weather conditions such as rain and snow and other causes such as impact for at least 48 hours.


※ This product is a water-soluble product supplied based on Baroco Korea's proprietary technology and quality control system, and we are not responsible for any defects in the product due to storage in winter, mixed use with other products, negligence in construction, or non-compliance with specified specifications.

 ※ The above data was produced based on the knowledge obtained through long-term experimental KNOW-HOW and field activities of Baroco Korea, but it is subject to change without notice due to continuous quality improvement. Also, it may change depending on the site conditions, climatic conditions, and coating method during painting, so please review it thoroughly before using.

| Construction method 

Plastering: Using a clean, undamaged iron trowel (stainless steel), spread it evenly with a certain thickness (1.2mm ~ 1.5mm) and apply it with a plastic antiquity, etc.
It draws the thick silica sand in a certain direction and expresses it to create a specific pattern.

During the finishing work, continuous work should be done, and if it is interrupted due to circumstances, the construction of the working surface should be completed.

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