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This is Baroco Korea, a company that does its best. 

Since its foundation in 1997, Baroco Korea has been providing the best technology and quality.
We have been leading the market of materials related to the exterior wall insulation method (E.I.F.S) in Korea and interior/exterior finishing paints for construction,
Through continuous technology development and investment, we provide a variety of high-quality interior and exterior finishing paints for construction.
under the slogan of “The World Best Quality” in domestic and overseas markets
All employees are working hard.


In addition, our company established a powder factory to expand the non-combustible market for construction, as well as materials related to the exterior wall insulation method (EIFS), in line with the trend of the times. , Leading the non-combustible system by developing non-flammable coating paints (Antasilane, Anthacryl), etc., including various finishing paints for construction
By focusing on the development and supply of various products,
It is recognized for its excellence in apartment-specialized sites.


The interior and exterior finishing paints of Baroco Korea Co., Ltd., recognized for their excellence in quality, are
Supply of materials to the U.S. military base in Korea and the United States, China, Russia, Canada, Southeast Asia, Mongolia, CIS countries and
It is exported to more than 12 countries around the world, including the Middle East.


In addition, eco-friendly building material certification, KOTRA global brand selection,
Based on the best quality management system that has obtained the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E.I.F.S certification,
By producing products that can enhance the value of a comfortable living environment and buildings,
Contributing to the development of architectural culture.


In line with the ever-changing architectural market, we
We will be reborn as a company that practices and will provide the best quality and service through continuous development.

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