2021 - 2011

Baroco Korea, which has grown

with customer trust, We will continue to be the best with

our customers We will take the

lead in quality and service. 


02.  Acquired KS M 6010
04.  Improvement of automation process and introduction of smart factory
06.   Imported ASTM-certified master wall high-finishing materials from the United States
09.  European External Insulation Certification  (ETICS/DIN) Caperrol Made in Germany exterior wall insulation system 


01.  Development of non-flammable powder finish
02.  Establishment of Gimpo 2nd Factory - Establishment of powder automation equipment
05.  LH purchased rental housing Mineral wool reinforcement construction, the largest delivery in the country
06.  Selected as an excellent agency for LG Hausys PF board
06.  Passed BS8414 real fire test (Keon Kiwon/Hwaseong)


02.  Participated in 2019 Korea Build
05.  Participated in Thailand Architect Expo 2019
09.  Participated in Vietnam Vietbuild 2019
11.  Exterior Insulation Construction Technology Seminar
Participated in Dubai UAE The Big 5 



01.  IBS International Architecture Fair
02.  Participated in the 33rd Kyunghyang Housing Fair
04.  Released Barocoque, Baroseal, Elastic Coat, and Rainbow Coat
06. LG Hausys PF board official agency sales start
08.  BPM, BPMP+ new product development and sales
11.   Participated in The Big 5 Show in Dubai


02.  Participated in the 32nd Kyunghyang Housing Fair
09.  Participated in Thailand Architecture Exhibition (Green Building & RetroFits Expo Asia 2017)
11.  Participated in The Big 5 Show in Dubai


02.  Participated in the 31st Kyunghyang Housing Fair
 Participated in Tehran Architecture Exhibition in Iran (Project Iran)
11.  New NF (Non-Fire) coat launched


02.  Participated in the 30th Kyunghyang Housing Fair

New product B.R Tone (Balton) launched

03.  Patent decision for “Condensation prevention and drainage system of external insulated wall” - Korean Intellectual Property Office 
04.  Trademark registration (“Baroco”) - Korean Intellectual Property Office


02.  Participated in the 29th Kyunghyang Housing Fair 
12.   New product E-Chip Stone launched 


02.  Participated in the 28th Kyunghyang Housing Fair 
04.  Released mobile app (order-only)
Establishment and participation in Mongolia exhibition
  Drainage EIF System Agreement signed 
        Senergy/BASF)/FED(U.S. military base)
        Trademark registration (Plexicoat, Sandbin, Brixton,
        V-Chipstone) - Korean Intellectual Property Office
08.  Trademark Registration (Roll Coat) - Korean Intellectual Property Office


01.  Moved Seoul office to Baroco Korea Co., Ltd. 583 Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul Woorim Blue Nine Building B, Room 1806
 Participated in the 27th Kyunghyang Housing Fair
05.  Opened Baroco Korea branch in Beijing
06.  Acquired ASTM (EIFS/Exterior Wall Insulation Method) US Certificate


02.  Participated in the 26th Kyunghyang Housing Fair
04. Construction of the Korea Baroco Factory Headquarters
06. Participated in INTER BUILD TECH in Indonesia
09. Selected as a promising small and medium-sized business in Gyeonggi-do (Governor of Gyeonggi-do)
Selected as a KOTRA global brand company
11.  Participated in The Big 5 Show in Dubai

2010 - 2001

Selected as an established

export promising small and

medium-sized business
Barocco expanding into

overseas markets


02.  Participated in the 25th Kyunghyang Housing Fair 
03.  Participated in Vietnam Hanoi EXPO 
09.  Participated in 2010 KAZ Build in Kazakhstan
Participated in Japan Home & Building Show 


05.  Participated in the 24th Kyunghyang Housing Fair 
11.   Participated in The Big 5 Show in Dubai
Participated in Japan Home & Building Show
Participated in TRADE EXPO in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


01.  Utility Model Application No. 2008-1047 (Painting device with split-type paint container)
02.  Designated as an industrial family company (Gimpo University, Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Support Center)             Participated in the 23rd Kyunghyang Housing Fair
03.  Selected as a support company for export business (Small and Medium Business Administration)
06.  Selected as a promising export small and medium enterprise (Small and Medium Business Administration) 

08.  Participated in Iran Tehran Architecture Fair
        Participated in Isfahan Architecture Fair in Iran 

        Acquired technology innovative small and medium-sized business              (INNO-BIZ) certification (Gyeonggi Provincial Small and Medium                Business Administration)
10.   Selected as Gyeonggi Internet Trade Frontier Company (Governor of Gyeonggi Province) 


11.  Participated in Almaty International Exhibition in Kazakhstan
12.  Development of products using the BTS method for the first time in Korea


02.  Acquired eco-label certification - Eco-friendly Product Promotion Agency
03.  Participated in Tianjin International Architecture Fair, China 
04.  Acquired Korean Industrial Standard KS Mark
08.  Started exporting to China (Tianjin, Beijing, Qingdao, Weifang, Rizhao)


10.  Acquired the highest grade of eco-friendly building materials - Korea Air Cleaning Association
11.  Trademark registration (Barocoat, Barostone, Baroco trademark) - Korean Intellectual Property Office


03.  Baroputty factory automation facility extension (annual production 10,000 tons) 


03.  Registered with Korea International Trade Association (member number 45088883)              

        Established Baroco Construction Co., Ltd.

        Baroco Construction Co., Ltd. Professional construction business license registration - Painting construction business license number  Seoul angcheon 03-05-3

05.  Started exporting to Kazakhstan (Almaty)
06.  Started exporting to Japan (Nagoya, Tokyo)


05.  Expansion of fully automated facilities for Baroco Korea Co., Ltd. Gimpo Factory 
       (Fully automated production facility with annual output of 15,000 tons)


09.   Seoul office expansion and relocation of Baroco Korea Co., Ltd. Shinwol 2-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul 445-13 First Bank 2nd floor
11.  Designated as a military service exception company

2000 - 1997

Founding of Baroco
We challenge for a new market.


10.  555-4 Seoap-ri, Tongjin-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, before the completion of new construction of Korea Baroco Factory


04.  Acquired Korean Industrial Standard KS Mark08.  Professional construction license registration - plastering waterproofing masonry construction license number Gimpo 03-002
ISO 9001 / KSA 9001 construction field certification additionally acquired
11.  Acquired ISO 9002 / KSA 9002 certification


10.  Established Korea BAROCOAT factory in 365 Nusan-ri, Yangchon-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do
11.  Established Baroco Korea Co., Ltd.

C.E.O : Yoon Wanjoong  Business Lisense  : 136-81-25371

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