Considering that cooling and heating energy accounts for the majority of energy consumption in apartment houses and housing markets, insulation of buildings to reduce energy consumption in the housing sector is an essential process, among them the Baroco EIF system. is an efficient construction method that can achieve perfect insulation effect using the lowest direct construction cost.



What is E.I.F.S (Exterior Insulation Finish System)?

As a system for arranging the insulation on the outside of the structure, the thermal bridge phenomenon caused by internal and intermittent heat does not appear, making it difficult to continuously arrange the insulation from the constructional point of view.

It is easy to use, has excellent insulation performance, and is mainly used in advanced countries such as Europe.

Economic feasibility
By keeping the indoor temperature constant by blocking external heat due to seasonal and temperature changes, it not only prevents dew condensation, but also increases the durability of the building.

A clean and comfortable indoor environment is created.

It is used for various functions such as crack prevention, condensation prevention, waterproofing, moisture-proofing, etc., and energy saving.

Even curved surfaces with high level of difficulty can be handled with various and simple construction suitable for site conditions.

As well as shortening the construction period, it has the characteristics that the user can easily construct it with minimal cost, such as renovation.

The exterior wall insulation system can be installed on any structure, and it can save energy and shorten the construction period due to the insulation effect.

It is an economical construction method that does not require a separate finishing work according to the construction cost reduction and exterior wall finishing system, and maintenance is easy.

Problems that occur when insulation is not installed

- Dew condensation occurs

(A phenomenon in which water droplets run down due to steam on the glass window indoors in the winter season or water droplets are found on the surface of the indoor wall)

Method: Attach the insulation boards with adhesive (cement + adhesive mortar), put a glass fiber mesh on it, and then apply the adhesive to embed the mesh.

It is constructed by applying a finishing material, and in this way, the insulating material acts as a finishing material, so that the indoor area can be used effectively.

Performance of various insulation boards

Insulation boardsthermal insulationabsorbency, moisture permeabilityFlammability, heat resistanceDurability, weather resistanceconstructability, workabilityEconomic feasibility
Glass wool

rock wool


Expanded Polystyrene Foam

○ x

Extruded polystyrene

○ x

Rigid Urethane Foam

Polystyrene foam (plate shape)


Celluloid Fiber


urea foam


Features of exterior wall insulation finish system

(1) Advantages of small space between insulation and concrete exterior wall

① Double insulation effect occurs

② Small water droplets from moisture flow down through this gap, so the air layer

between the outer wall of the building and the outer insulation helps to extend the life of the building.

(2) In the case of a new building, when the external insulation method is used, the building area increases by about 10% compared to the internal insulation method

(3) If 100mm thick insulation is used, the energy saving effect of the building is more than doubled.

(4) When using the exterior finishing material manufactured by the synthesis of 100% pure acrylic resin of Baroco Korea, chemicals and special silica sand, various colors of the building can be expressed.

Able to achieve flexible harmony with heterogeneous materials and nature

(5) Prevents the occurrence of dew condensation

(6) Prevents thermal bridges and maintains indoor temperature

(7) The durability of the structure is improved

(8) It is easy to use the building during construction, and curved construction is also possible.

Energy saving effect of exterior wall insulation coating method 

Itemsummer seasonwinter season
energy consumptionPower for cooling (kwh)Kerosene for heating (L)
Exterior area (㎡)3030
number of days x hours90 x 10160*12
 Calories consumed (kcal)7.02*106(exterior wall insulation coating method)6.36*106(exterior wall insulation coating method) 
1.30*106((no insulation layer)1.18*107(no insulation layer)
Energy consumption (kcal)286(xterior wall insulation coating method)8,841(xterior wall insulation coating method)
529(no insulation layer)16,321(no insulation layer)

Saving of heating and cooling costs (saving about 46%)

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