Caparol is committed to designing and protecting living spaces in the best possible way, while maintaining the value of buildings.
We provide innovative products and services.
It has earned a worldwide reputation as a strong partner for architectural professionals.
Based on Caparol's core competencies, we will provide the best service to our customers.


Caparol is a leading company in the field of paint/exterior insulation methods not only in Germany but also worldwide.
Brands featuring the striped elephant logo in Germany and across Europe
Guaranteed to be the most reliable company in this field.


Interior/exterior high-quality paint, enamel field and external insulation-related plaster business, etc.
We provide everything our customers need.
In addition, energy-saving external insulation composite system (ETICS) and
A wide range of products to protect buildings, as well as products for floor coatings, corrosion protection and concrete repairs.
We have professional knowledge, and we have developed
We supply to consumers through more than 300 partners in Europe.


In addition to sales of materials, plasterers, paint wholesalers, builders, architects, etc. To provide a variety of services for the construction industry without sparing It is a global company that constantly strives.

Through color collections, color schemes, consulting materials, various digital services and technical consulting support We provide the best service to our customers.


Caparol Flame Retardant Exterior Insulation System - EPS 

The most basic external insulation system in the world

The Caparol Class B-EPS system is the most widely used since the external insulation system was created.
It is a practical and highly insulating system in use.
When impregnating the mesh, use Caparol powder mortar to form a thickness of about 4mm or more.
You can get stronger durability.
It is possible to form a luxurious texture by applying Capatect K finishing material on the mesh impregnated surface.
Final coating with Amphisilan surface coating agent with excellent stain resistance
Long-term contamination resistance can be secured.
The final finish coating with Amphisilan is a chemical reaction between cement and water.
In addition to preventing whitening
It further upgrades the luxury of the finished surface of the external insulation system and lasts for a long time.
This has the advantage of maintaining a clean finished surface.


Caparol Semi-Non-Combustible Exterior Insulation System - PF

Caparol ETICS (EIFS) system - PF

Using phenolic foam board, which has significantly lower thermal conductivity compared to other insulation materials,
As an external insulation system, it is very easy to achieve the best insulation performance with a thin and light thickness.
In addition to the performance of insulation, it is equipped with semi-non-combustible performance of the entire system for fire safety.
It is used as a very good system.
Lighter and lighter by using lightweight mortar and finishing materials on the thin thickness of the insulation
It can be a convenient system to construct.
The system also uses Amphisilan, a silicone surface coating,
A cleaner surface can be maintained for a longer period of time.


Caparol Flame Retardant Exterior Insulation System - EPS

The most basic external insulation system in the world

It is a non-combustible external insulation system using mineral wool board, an inorganic insulation material.
As a fire protection performance A1 class (EN13501) system, it is among the existing external insulation systems.
It is an external insulation system with the best fire safety.
In order to firmly fix the insulation, use a fastener exclusively for mineral wool.
More reliable fire safety performance can be secured.

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