Patent registration: Dew condensation prevention and drainage system of external insulated wall (2015.03) 

Dew condensation prevention and drainage system of external insulated wall is

1. It suppresses the occurrence of internal condensation caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside air, which can be seen in the existing exterior

   wall insulation method of buildings.

2. It protects the hygiene and health of residents by preventing various asthma and atopy caused by mold generation due to internal condensation in advance.

3. It can reduces inefficient heating fuel.

4. It is possible to prevent the decay of the building wall including wood by blocking the internal dew condensation by the reliable external insulation dew condensation

    system of the exterior wall of the building, thereby extending the life of the building. That is, by solving the problem of internal condensation in the exterior wall insulation

    system, It can improve hygiene and health, and it can develop into an eco-friendly construction method by saving the life of the building and heating costs.

What is Baroco Drainage System?

Baroco Korea's BDS (Barocco Drainage System) is an exterior wall insulation finish system developed to solve the problems of condensation and mold caused by moisture on the exterior wall of buildings.

Applicable for EIFS construction that requires a drainage wall system due to the weakness of the substrate system.


System Features

1. Durability – By blocking external heat due to seasonal and temperature changes, it

    maintains the indoor temperature, thus creating an environment that prevents dew

    condensation and increases durability.

2. Functionality – It has a function of preventing defects such as cracking, dew

    condensation, waterproofing, and moisture proofing.

3. Constructability – It can be easily constructed even on highly difficult uneven parts,

     which shortens the construction period and enables construction in all seasons.

4. Economic feasibility – It can be installed on any structure, saving energy and

     shortening the period of construction, so it is economical and easy to maintain.

(Baroco Drainage Primer) B.D.P

Baroco Waterproof Primer is a high-performance moisture-blocking waterproof primer based on acrylic polymer.


■ Surface conditions

When working, the surface must be dry and free from contaminants such as dust,oil, cement lumps, and in the case of a previously painted surface, all bad surfaces such as peeling or peeling must be removed.


(1) Concrete surface (pH 7~9), gypsum board, brick, etc.

The surface must be cured for at least 1 month after pouring.


(2) Wood (OSB), Masonry, and other surfaces

Remove dust, dirt, mold, and apply after reviewing whether there is a problem

with adhesion.


■ Product construction

Paint the construction surface using a brush, roller, spray, etc., and adjust the

number of constructions according to the condition of the construction surface.

Drying time is at least 6 hours and may vary depending on climatic conditions, so check the drying surface and proceed with the next operation.


■ Specification

Packing : 18L / Pail

Comsumption : 40㎡/Pail

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