BRT(Baroco Rail Track) System

In the External Insulation Finish System, the reliability of the exterior insulation method is increased by increasing the adhesion strength of the insulation boards by increasing the attachment area of the insulation boards.

In addition, It is a new concept of exterior insulation method that can be applied to high-rise buildings as it is strong against shocks and cracks by applying a highly elastic finishing material, and has advantages for maintenance and repair.

The BAROCO RAIL TRACK System is the system that will lead the external insulation finish system for significantly reducing carbon emissions and suggesting a clear alternative to energy saving, the basic concept of Passive House.


 The BRT system maintains high attachment stability because it increases the attachment area of the fixing device and the insulation board, increases the attachment strength, and has the effect of dispersing the load of the finishing material

 Since the BRT system maintains the contact area between the track and the insulation board as much as possible, it has the effect of preventing the deformation of the insulation board as much as possible.

 By simplifying the structure of the BRT system, it is easy to process the insulation material, and it can be easily processed in the field. -It has excellent crack resistance by using elastic mortar for mesh embedding

 A high elastic finishing material is used for BRT system which has excellent resistance to cracking and durability.


1. BRT H-Bar : As a member connecting BR-track and BRT insulation, there is

    horizontal movement and vertical play, so installation workability is excellent.

2. Baroco Rail Track (BR-Track) : Maximizes installation work efficiency as the

     wall fixing part and the contact part of the insulating material can be moved


3. BRT insulation board : A high-efficiency eco-friendly insulation material that

     improves insulation performance by about 25-30% compared to existing EPS.

4. BRT Adhesive: Adhesive with high flexibility and surface crack resistance, and

    with improved quality stability, such as preventing whitening

5. BRT finishing material (Flexy Coat): BRT-exclusive finishing material developed

    to prevent cracks by increasing the elasticity of existing finishing materials

BRT system construction sequence

a. Verification of vertical and horizontal reference points

b. Bottom BR-Track installation

c. BR-Track installation on top and side walls

d. BRT board installation and H-bar installation

e. BRT board installation on top and one side wall

f. Filling the board gap with urethane foam

g. BRT board face treatment

h. BRT mesh impregnation

i. BRT finishing material (Flexy Coat) construction

BRT system construction detail 

installation image 

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