Insulation PF board

LX Z:IN insulation PF board is a semi-noncombustible high-performance insulation material with differentiated technology.
It provides high-performance insulation that meets the energy-saving design criteria with a thickness that is up to ½ thinner than existing products.

LX Z:IN Insulation PF board

Semi-non-combustible high-performance insulation with differentiated technology 


Size 1200*2000, 1200*600 (mm) Thickness 50-200mm (Production in units of 10mm) * Please inquire for production other than in units of 10mm

- Surface face material: A face material that blocks radiant heat and is easy to install

- Packaging unit: different by thickness and size

high thermal insulation performance

- Thermal conductivity 0.020 W/m K

※ Based on KCL test results (September 2018) (average temperature 23℃ test conditions according to KS L 9016:2010)

fire safety 

- Compliant with semi-non-combustible materials - Acquired fire-resistance report for 15 minutes (50T, as of April 2018)

: KS F 2257-8:2004 「Fire resistance test method for building members-Performance conditions for vertical non-load bearing members」 KICT test result


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