Antares is a non-flammable finishing material that can be used in the field by adding only water as a powder-type finishing material.
It can express a variety of textures like existing finishing materials.
(Place type - standard finishing material/sand bean (sand))
After installing Antares, various colors can be expressed by using non-flammable coatings of Anthasilane or Anthacryl to suit the characteristics.



| Specifications 

Color: custom color 

Packing unit: 25kg/pack
Standard Requirement: Standard - 2.1~2.6kg/㎥
Sand - 2.7~3kg/㎥

| Usage 

Resorts, small and medium-sized houses, golftels, officetels, pensions, etc.
For finishing exterior wall insulation method applied to various buildings

 | Main Features

It is a non-combustible powder-type finishing material for various
Available in textures and colors, it is a high-strength, high-performance finish.

| Precautions

1. The base to be installed must be a wall, and it must not be installed on a

non-wall base that is level with the ground.
2. During construction and drying, the ambient temperature and wall temperature

should be 5~35℃, and the humidity in the air should be 80% or less.
3. Check the weather conditions before and after work so that the product is not exposed to rain.
4. If it is judged that there is an abnormality during the work, the work shall be stopped

and the cause shall be corrected before construction.
5. The construction company must be a company that has received sufficient training

from Baroco Korea Co., Ltd. and must fully understand the precautions.
6. Do not add any substances other than designated tap water.
7. When storing and storing, the product and the ground must be separated,

and take measures in advance for an environment where the product may get wet.

| Construction method

* Standard
1. Add 4.7~5.0L of clean water to an empty container after improving.
2. After sufficient stirring using a dedicated mixer, mix again after 5 minutes before use. (Use within 1 hour after mixing)
3. Using a clean, undamaged iron trowel (stainless steel),     Spread evenly with a certain thickness (1.5 ~ 2mm) and use a plastic trowel, etc.     It draws the thick silica sand in a certain direction and expresses it so that a characteristic pattern is produced.

| Technic article


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